Peas… when you were younger, your parents probably told you that you couldn’t leave the table until you had eaten all of them, right? They were part of the green veggie gang that most children despise! However, when we get older, we start to realize just how incredible this ingredient is! After all, what would be classic fish and chips without some mushy peas on the side? We’ve also seen peas used in fine dining recipes, with scallops and pea puree springing to mind! If you’re a lover of this tiny green vegetable, you’re going to love Great British Pea Week! That’s right; a full week to celebrate peas!

  • Did you know that the first-ever television commercial in the United Kingdom was for BirdsEye Frozen Peas in 1969?
  • 1984年,苏塞克斯的珍妮特哈里斯,在一小时内每次用筷子一度吃的最多豌豆的纪录。她管理了7,175!也许你可以尝试击败这一点来庆祝?
  • Eric ‘Badlands’ Booker holds the record for pea-eating, consuming 9.5 one-pound bowls of peas within 12 minutes.
  • The average person consumes almost 9,000 peas per year in Britain.
  • 古代罗马人至少种植了37种豌豆。
  • The first known reference to mushy peas was in 1968, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • The word pea came about in the 1660s. They were originally called ‘pease’ in English.

History Of Great British Pea Week

伟大的英国豌豆周旨在加强对豌豆的遗产和出处的理解和意识,给我们所有理由庆祝小绿色营养奇观!豌豆血岭行业和豌豆发起的庆祝活动!活动。英国种植者协会运行是豌豆!该竞选活动,由机械公司,冰箱和种植者提供资金,在Vining Pea Mistor中。该活动旨在促进冷冻豌豆的营养益处,出处和多功能性,与消费者一起参与消费者,并鼓励他们在饭菜中使用豌豆。电视厨师Rachel Green,支持了这一竞选活动,其中有数百名食谱作为其中的一部分。

In the early times, peas were mainly grown for their dry seeds. In the early third century, BC, Theophrastus discusses this vegetable as being one of the legumes that are sown later in the winter because of their tenderness. Peas are also mentioned in De re Rustica by Columella in the first century AD. This is when wild peas were gathered by Roman legionaries from the sandy soils of Judea and Numidia to supplement their rations. Field peas were also constantly mentioned throughout the Middle Ages. this is when they were an important staple that kept famine at bay. This little ingredient has had a key role to play throughout many different eras in history. In fact, in Early Modern Europe, it was deemed an innovative luxury to eat green peas fresh and immature.

How to celebrate Great British Pea Week

We have plenty of different suggestions for those who are looking for fun ways to celebrate Great British Pea Week.

Grow your own peas

一个喜神贝斯t ways to celebrate Great British Pea Week is to try growing your own peas! After all, nothing compares with the super-sweet flavor and tender texture of homegrown peas that have been freshly harvested. So, how can you grow your own peas at home?


Of course, another option is to sow peas from seeds. This is something you will be able to do between March and early July. Choose a spot that is well-drained and sunny. Make sure that you dig in a lot of garden compost, mushroom compost, or well-rotted manure to improve the soil before you sow. You should then use a spade or how to create a shallow trench – approximately 3 cm deep and 22 cm wide. Sow the peas in two parallel lines, with the seeds being spaced around 10 cm apart. Us soil to cover the seeds, label the row, and water them well. You should notice that seedlings start to appear within a week or two!


There is only one thing better than growing your own peas, and this is eating them! There are lots of delicious recipes online, so you’re bound to find something that appeals to your taste buds.



The recipe serves four, so you can alter the quantities if you’re cooking for more than four! You will need the following ingredients…

  • Salt
  • 一个鸡蛋,搅打
  • 240g flour
  • 400g potatoes
  • 400g peas, cooked and mashed


  • 2婴儿宝石莴苣
  • 60g fresh peas
  • 50g烟熏培根,切片

Start off by preheating your oven to 350F/180C/gas mark 4. Use a bit of oil to rub the potato skins, and then bake them for roughly 45 minutes. Then, scoop out the flesh, and either put it through a potato ricer or mash it.

You should then grab your blender and blitz the 400g of cooked peas to create a puree. Mix in the potatoes. Add the eggs, salt, and flour. Then, shape the mixture into small, oval shapes. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and then drop the balls in. Once they float to the surface, remove them from the water.

You should then put the gnocchi into the frying pan with the bacon and cook until brown. Add the shredded lettuce and fresh peas, cooking until just wilted. Then, serve and enjoy!

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